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War Russia - Ukraine

Situation on 07/05/2022

War Russia - Ukraine - 07/05/2022

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The structure of the western world and NATO is slowly becoming visible - "Blinken: The USA are giving Poland the green light to send combat aircraft to Ukraine" ... Green light for the next escalation - as already described here, from where will the jets then fly - Ukrainian bases in Poland? ... All I can think of is "... command, we reason" - like lemmings. The old Zbigniew Brzezinski trap from Afghanistan ... And - the Trump era also had its advantages - he was oriented towards US America, not like the Clinton disciples to the maximum profit of the armaments industry and to bring the Russians to their knees ...

Now Olaf Scholz has also received his instructions - an additional 100 billion euros for armaments - and the Lemmings applaud ...

"We in the institutions of government must guard against unauthorized influence - intentional or unintentional - by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the catastrophic proliferation of misguided forces is there and will continue to exist. We must never allow the power of these combination jeopardizes our freedoms or our democratic processes. We should not take anything for granted. Only alert and informed citizens can enforce the appropriate meshing of the gigantic industrial and military defense machinery with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and freedom can grow and flourish together."

Dwight D Eisenhower 1961

n the last few days, the first sentence of the quote has been used in a program on one of the mainstream channels, all more or less relegated to the realm of conspiracy theories. The last part, questioning and critically questioning everything, was not used - why should the editors feel uncomfortable with the way Ukraine reporting is currently done?

Appropriately, at the end of February (27th?), the Basque-Spanish reporter Pablo González was arrested by agents of the Polish counterintelligence agency ABW for alleged espionage for Russia. He was isolated for several days without contact with his family, his lawyer or even the Spanish embassy in Poland. He was previously in Ukraine and had also researched in the east of the country, which the Ukrainian secret service saw as reason for an interrogation and the council to leave the country, but apparently informed his Polish colleagues, who then arrested him. Contact has also been made with the Spanish secret service, the CNI, which remains overly critical of Basques, which explains the slow action of Spanish diplomacy. Various press associations and organizations are demanding the unharmed release of the reporter, but in the European news the case was only picked up by a few Spanish media, otherwise there was silence in the forest - unlike in the case of Yüczel - the solidarity of WELT is missing here.
Or had he taken Eisenhower's warning too seriously and was therefore punished?


Top 10 of our site in July 2022

We were concerned with the question of what is of interest to our visitors - we have analyzed the access logs for the month of July 2022 more deeply than we normally do. Here you can see the results, some of which were surprising to us:

Range Country Contract
1 Bangladesh International Criminal Court
2 Ukraine International Maritime Organization
3 Armenia Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
4 Trinidad & Tobago Collective Security Treaty Organization
5 Donetsk People's Republic Non-Aligned Movement
6 Azerbaijan United Nations
7 Democratic Republic
of the Congo
Organisation internationale de la Francophonie
8 Vietnam Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
9 Ghana European Atomic Energy Community
10 Israel Arab League

länderstatistikThe graphic on the left shows the frequency of calling up the countries in a grouped form. The frequency seems to vary between developing and traditional holiday countries. The access between the language versions, with the language versions English, Spanish and German, and the version optimised for mobile devices is also roughly equal.

The language versions are optimised for PC - dominating with 73%. This could either be due to our own rather poor design of the version for mobile devices, or that the site is visited more by professionally interested people.

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We like to demonstrate you the modern possibilities of geo-referenced data display of statistical data with geographic relations and offer you our services in the realisation mapping jobs for your own data, generating expressive graphics with your data. These graphics can be used in reports, for publicity issues and for all type of publications. Maps and plans are today part of our daily life. May of us have a daily contact with such data, or we are generating geo-referenced data. Tables and pages of text surely are instructive, but a good designed graphic says more as you can write in any pages.


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Our brain is able to capture this geo-data in an easier and faster manner as with texts or tables, the visual impression will be more effective penetrate our ideas. More easily as abstract tables or texts.

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Update Status country information

Absolute ZahlenIn our data collection we have currently (08/04/2022) about 290 states, dependent and self-declared independent states and territories, former colonies and special autonomous areas within internationally recognised states.

This starts with the Republic of Abkhazia - former part of the Republic of Georgia till 1994, which understands itself as an independent state, but is recognised internationally by only a few states, through the Macao Special Administrative Region, which exists since 1999 and emerged from the former Portuguese colony, or Cyprus, listing all territorially different entities existing on the island. In this case, these are the Republic of Cyprus, the Turkish-occupied part - the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but also the British colonial military bases Akrotiri and Dhekelia, which became autonomous British territories in the decolonisation process, as condition of the former motherland UK.

It is quite easy to get country data, these are reported with varying topicality by many institutions, it is more difficult to find data in the administrative structure of the respective states, as these are usually fully expelled only in an census, but depending on the country, this census activities are carried out in different periods. Corresponding problem cases are shown in the graphic above, also the age of the data for the corresponding countries.

KumThe second graph on the left shows the age of the national data as a cumulative percentage. This shows that about 80% of our data is from 2015 and more recent, but also that about 4% of the country's data is from 2010 and before. This 80% is relatively good result, but these 4% are rather bad. The states and territories that burden our balance sheet particularly due to the lack of recent data are named in the first chart.

If you have knowledge of sources that allow us to update the data of these countries and territories, we would be pleased to assist you if you could make them available to us.

We are also grateful to you for any indication of errors in maps, data and other content.


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Remains of a car after a suicide attack in Kabul, Darulaman Road, opposite the Ministry of Energy and Water, 19.12.2004 We had to re-glaze our windows ...



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