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First post after 11 months – after at least 5 months of Ukrainian offensive

In the last 11 months, the new data on fighting between Ukraine and Russia has only been about small places, which are usually better described as villages, while the Russians appear to be holding their positions relatively defensively, the Ukrainian offensive has despite the massive Western support hardly led to a change in the course of the front. The names Rabotino, Timkovka and Sinkovka may be familiar to some people who have visited these places in more peaceful times, but for the majority of people these are unknown villages that have been embattled for months. New maps therefore make little sense - the war is stagnating territorially - the number of human victims - on both sides - and the profits of Western arms companies are increasing. It is clear that Ukraine is dependent on the Western arms industry when it comes to armaments, first helmets, then small arms, tanks, anti-aircraft defenses - and now attack missiles - but the main problem is the human factor - trained personnel. The training here is also in full swing - but either way, Ukraine is running out of soldiers. Russian reports then have to be seen all the more critically that captured soldiers come out as German soldiers - correctly or not - it applies to what is to come... it is already clear today that several of the Ukrainian attacks mentioned above did not happen without Western ones operational support through reconnaissance results would be possible.

What was particularly sensational in these 11 months were the attacks on Russian pipelines, bridges and military objects in their hinterland on the one hand, and the attacks on Ukrainian cities on the other. It is obvious that Ukraine is trying to operate outside the actual conflict area; the large Russian air strikes usually occur immediately after such Ukrainian strikes.

Frieden UA-RUIt's time to bring diplomacy back into play - we've already gotten used to the unspeakable reports from the war, and our media is doing everything it can to downplay the danger of the war spreading. On the one hand, Putin is portrayed as a devil, but on the other hand, he poses no threat of further escalation of the war. Ordinary Russians - not those sanctioned because of their proximity to the government - are no longer allowed to enter EU countries, the media screams when it comes to Russian singers or athletes who appear internationally outside their country. It's already going a long way in our media...

First, Ukraine must repeal the law that prohibits peace negotiations, and then a solution must be sought - continued war, at ever higher levels and at the expense of Western economies, cannot be the answer.

The fact that the US government sees this differently is clear from the promotion of the “Ukraine expert – Fuck the EU” Nuland to Deputy Foreign Minister – Europe is literally bleeding in Ukraine – financially and economically in the other countries. At the same time, new conflict areas are constantly being added - Central Africa and the ever-restless Kosovo conflict. Behind both, the media and official politicians only see Russian influences - there may be - but the main cause is Western politics. The NATO intervention in Kosovo was at least as contrary to international law as the Russian attack on Ukraine - without a UN resolution and therefore in conflict with international law.

It is time to rethink - perhaps a second turning point - diplomacy must act now - one cannot expect anything from a US President who will be 81 when he next takes office - considering his missteps over the last year. When he took office as president, people said that he had a smart politician at his side, Kamala Harris, who could take over, but she has been hidden for years.


US-Senator (Republican) Richard H. Black over the Ukraine war

US-Senator Richard Black über den Ukrainekrieg 

The text of his Statements:

We don't care. The United States and NATO. We do not care how many Ukrainians die. Nor civilians, nor women, nor children, nor soldiers. WE DO NOT CARE.

It's become a great football game, you know. We've got our team, they've got their team, rah rah! We want to get the biggest score and run it up. And, you know, we don't care how many of our players get crippled on the playing field as long as we win. Now, we are shipping fantaaaastic quantities of weapons. And it's caused the stock of Raytheon, which creates missiles and Northrop Grumman which creates aircraft and so forth and missiles. All of these defense industries have become tremendously bloated with tax dollars. I don't think it's ultimately going to change the outcome. I think that Russia will prevail. The Ukrainians are in a very awkward strategic position in the east. But if you look at the way that this unfolded, President Putin made a desperate effort to stop the march towards war. Back in December of 2021 he went so far as to put specific written proposals on the table with NATO - peace proposals to diffuse what was coming about, because at this point, Ukraine was massing troops to attack the Donbass. And, so he was trying to head this off. He didn't want war. And NATO just blew it off, just dismissed it, never took it seriously, and never went into serious negotiations.

At that point, Putin, seeing that armed Ukrainians with weapons to kill Russian troops were literally on their borders, decided he had to strike first. Now, you could see that this was not some preplanned attack. This was not like Hitler's attack into Poland, where the standard rule of thumb is that you always have a 3 to 1 advantage when you are the attacker. You have to mass three times as many tanks and artillery and planes and men as the other side has. In fact, when Russia went in, they went in sort of with what they had, what they could cobble together on short notice. And they were outnumbered by the Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian forces had about 250 thousand; the Russians had perhaps 160 thousand. So instead of having three times as many, they actually had fewer troops than the Ukrainians. But they were forced to attack to try to preempt the battle that was looming where the Ukrainians had massed these forces against the Donbass. Now, the Donbass is adjacent to Russia. It is a portion of Ukraine that did not join with the revolutionary government that conducted the coup in 2014 and overthrew the government of Ukraine. They refused to become a part of the new revolutionary government of Ukraine and so they declared their independence.

And Ukraine had massed this enormous army to attack against the Donbass. And so Russia was forced to go in to preempt that planned attack by Ukraine. You could see that Russia very much hoped that they could conduct this special operation without unduly causing casualties for the Ukrainians, because they think of the Ukrainians, or at least they did think of the Ukrainians as brothers-Slavs that they wanted to have good relations. But there was a famous picture with a Russian tank that had been stopped by a gathering of maybe 40 civilians who just walked out in the road and blocked the road and the tanks stopped. I can tell you, in Vietnam, if we had had a bunch of people who stood in the way of an American tank going through, that tank would not have slowed down in the slightest. It wouldn't honk the horn, it wouldn't have done anything. It wouldn't have fired a warning shot; it would have just gone on. And I think that's more typical. I'm not criticizing the Americans. I was there and I was fighting. And I probably would have driven the tanks straight through myself. But what I'm saying is that the rules of engagement for the Russians were very, very cautious. They didn't want to create a great deal of hatred and animosity.

The Russians did not go in. They did not bomb the electrical system, the media systems, the water systems, all of these, the bridges and so forth. They tried to retain the infrastructure of Ukraine in good shape because they wanted to get back. They just wanted this to be over with and get back to normal. It didn't work. The Ukrainians, the resistance was unexpectedly hard. The Ukrainian soldiers fought with great valor, great heroism. And so now the game has been upped and it's become much, much more serious. But it is amazing to look and to see that Russia dominates the air. They haven't knocked out the train systems. They haven't knocked out power plants. They haven't knocked out so many things. They've never bombed the buildings in the center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. They haven't bombed the buildings where the parliament meets. They've been incredibly reserved about these things, hoping against hope that peace could be achieved. But I don't think Ukraine has anything to do with the decision about peace or war. I think the decision about peace or war is made in Washington, D.C. As long as we want the war to continue, we will fight that war using Ukrainians as proxies, and we will fight it to the last Ukrainian death.


News and remarks


The structure of the western world and NATO is slowly becoming visible - "Blinken: The USA are giving Poland the green light to send combat aircraft to Ukraine" ... Green light for the next escalation - as already described here, from where will the jets then fly - Ukrainian bases in Poland? ... All I can think of is "... command, we reason" - like lemmings. The old Zbigniew Brzezinski trap from Afghanistan ... And - the Trump era also had its advantages - he was oriented towards US America, not like the Clinton disciples to the maximum profit of the armaments industry and to bring the Russians to their knees ...

Now Olaf Scholz has also received his instructions - an additional 100 billion euros for armaments - and the Lemmings applaud ...

"We in the institutions of government must guard against unauthorized influence - intentional or unintentional - by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the catastrophic proliferation of misguided forces is there and will continue to exist. We must never allow the power of these combination jeopardizes our freedoms or our democratic processes. We should not take anything for granted. Only alert and informed citizens can enforce the appropriate meshing of the gigantic industrial and military defense machinery with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and freedom can grow and flourish together."

Dwight D Eisenhower 1961

n the last few days, the first sentence of the quote has been used in a program on one of the mainstream channels, all more or less relegated to the realm of conspiracy theories. The last part, questioning and critically questioning everything, was not used - why should the editors feel uncomfortable with the way Ukraine reporting is currently done?

Appropriately, at the end of February (27th?), the Basque-Spanish reporter Pablo González was arrested by agents of the Polish counterintelligence agency ABW for alleged espionage for Russia. He was isolated for several days without contact with his family, his lawyer or even the Spanish embassy in Poland. He was previously in Ukraine and had also researched in the east of the country, which the Ukrainian secret service saw as reason for an interrogation and the council to leave the country, but apparently informed his Polish colleagues, who then arrested him. Contact has also been made with the Spanish secret service, the CNI, which remains overly critical of Basques, which explains the slow action of Spanish diplomacy. Various press associations and organizations are demanding the unharmed release of the reporter, but in the European news the case was only picked up by a few Spanish media, otherwise there was silence in the forest - unlike in the case of Yüczel - the solidarity of WELT is missing here.
Or had he taken Eisenhower's warning too seriously and was therefore punished?


Arms shipments and media war

Addendum - 03/06/2022: The Russian information page is online again - designed as an anti-Russian page! Hijacked!


The hot and the cold war, two sides of the current situation, both are currently being fomented by the West, with short-term goals and long-term consequences. The West seems to want to escalate the conflict.
In breaking with the rules that had been in force for decades, Germany once again bowed to US policy and decided to supply arms to Ukraine. Germany decided to hand over 2,700 Strelas from the stocks of the former eastern army - NVA, along with other military equipment, to the Ukraine. The deliveries are coordinated by the USA, which openly announced on February 23, 2022, the day before the Russians invaded Ukraine, that eight F-35 nuclear-capable stealth bombers would be deployed to Ukraine. This despite the assurances from all sides of the governments of the NATO countries that they do not want to intervene militarily in Ukraine. Putin created facts - 6 hours after this announcement he had the military bases of the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed. No way to go down!

But back to the Strelas - these are so-called man pads - a shoulder-launched missile that can shoot down planes because they use infrared sensors to track the engines of an aircraft and then destroy it. Well, the West never stops learning – as early as 1986, during the Afghan war, the CIA supplied the Afghan Mujahideen with 1000 Stinger Man pads, of which around 350 were used against the Russians – the missing ones are now desperately being sought around the world. The thought of such weapons falling into the hands of terrorists who would then "visit" civilian airports with them is frightening. Modern military planes have corresponding countermeasures, so the man pads aren't as effective anymore, but civil planes don't have them. Recall the 2019 footage of a US transport plane being fired upon approaching KIA – Kabul, which was only able to land safely after countermeasures detonated, but there were other, less fortunate incidents as well. Now Germany - certainly coordinated with the USA - is again playing the same card that proved to be problematic as early as 1989 at the latest, and this with 2700 missiles, in an unknown situation of "arming the people" as it currently exists in Ukraine. I hope this shipment doesn't fall into the wrong hands - not a rocket of these.

The pro-Ukrainian representatives' demand for a no-fly zone over Ukraine also requires direct NATO intervention in order to be enforced - so there would be a direct confrontation between NATO and Russian troops. This is currently the general consensus against such a measure, but there was also support for the delivery of arms to crisis areas - and that was also overturned.

But the escalation continues, there is talk of delivering planes to Ukraine! How do you want to do that? If they enter Ukrainian airspace, the Russians will intercept them if they are armed and able to defend themselves, then the air bases they launch from become the direct target of Russian attention as they function as enemy air bases. Where should these be - in Poland and Romania? Or even in the Baltic States? Either way, the direct conflict between Russia and NATO would be programmed.

I do not consider such arms deliveries to be an expedient measure. One can only hope that Israeli mediation will be more successful.
But things are also happening on the media front. “Ukraine specials” are running on almost all channels. Today I spent the afternoon watching Arte, a channel that I otherwise value. Putin is referred to in the media as “the lunatic in the Kremlin” – O-Ton Arte. Mutual blocking of the Internet is also counterproductive – in Russia and in the West. I didn't expect to have to consult the West's advice for Chinese dissidents to see Russian official websites!

In addition, one has to realize that this escalation was also driven by the West. First, Russian state media were banned from attending public press conferences in the US – they were labelled propaganda media. Sure they are, but what is Radio Martí and TeleMartí, or the stations Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which also broadcast from Germany, and you have to include Deutsche Welle – these are not also propaganda stations, but they are financed by the West. These were not hindered by the Russians. The next step was the withdrawal of the broadcasting license for RT-TV in Germany - which also led to counter-reactions on the Russian side. Now it is the case that the RT website has also been killed in Chinese style using a domain name server. Is Russian propaganda so much better than Ukrainian that it is feared? Because Mr. Selenskyj also makes war propaganda ... See here! One wants to secure the interpretation of the war, and one does one thing to prove to the responsible citizen that one is not sure of its propaganda effects.

Now, last but not least, they no longer want to report from Russia – the “public broadcasters” financed with tax money. As if this would change anything, the main reports were about Russian dissidents and protests against Putin, we will miss these reports, because that too is Russia. When reporting on the government of Russia, the reports were usually written in the commentary style - that is, not news, but interpretations of events.


What is Putin's strategy in Ukraine?

02/25/2022 - 22:10

Based on Putin's goal of "denazifying Ukraine" and "stopping acts of war against Ukrainians of Russian origin", he had announced that he did not want to occupy Ukraine. Current military results suggest he realy means this. The Russian troops have repeatedly stopped in front of the big cities and, contrary to expectations, have not marched into them. Now one might argue that he thereby also avoids high losses of his own – certainly correct. On the other hand, he also avoids high losses among the Ukrainian population in these cities. This is especially true now as the Ukrainian government has begun general arming of the population. On the other hand, Ukrainian reports suggest that Russian elite units are operating in these cities, specifically Kiev, in captured Ukrainian National Guard vehicles, as they are tasked with commando-style attacking and searching points of interest. The Russian aim seems to be to attack and neutralize military bases near the big cities. This also appears in the advance of the Russian units from the south, past Kiev, towards the Gostomel air base and leaving the city of Kiev on the right.

The course of the front is still quite unclear, both sides hardly publish any relevant news, but it seems clear that the Russians only advanced directly on the cities around Sumy and Kharkiv, which may be due to the fact that both cities are located on major roads in the immediate vicinity near the border. Likewise, the Russians in the south are exhausting the advance on Kherson and have bypassed the city.

Well, one has to see how the military development continues, after the initial successes of the Russian army, the Ukrainian resistance has only now strengthened, as the Ukrainian army has apparently been concentrated on the eastern areas, opposite the two self-declared People's Republics. This is also supported by the fact that the territorial gains in the east of the Ukraine can hardly be estimated, since the reports from there from both sides are very patchy and sparse.

Finally, a few words on Putin's "justifications" for "denazifying Ukraine" and "stopping acts of war against Russian-national Ukrainians," which were only sneered at in the mainstream media.

The fact is that the "Right Sector" in Ukraine had a significant influence on the country's politics after 2014, its leaders took over the highest offices of the state - including that of the Prosecutor General. This detached position resulted from the large part that this movement - ​​later party - had in the 2014 Maidan movement. It was the spearhead of the protesting Ukrainians against the elected government, mostly organized in a paramilitary manner. This development went hand in hand with the "exchange" of the earlier Lenin monuments in western Ukraine with those of the Stepan Bandera. He was declared National Hero under Yushchenko's government. President Yanukovych – Yushchenko's successor had this reversed by a court decision in 2011, by the way the same Yanukovych who was ousted from office in 2014.

Since the Ukrainian insurgent army (UAA), which was subordinate to Bandera at times, cooperated intensively with the German occupation troops, the Lemberg massacre is attributed to this troops, and their members also belonged in large numbers to the SS guards of the German Concentration Camps (KZ), this was also confirmed by others States such as Poland, Slovakia and Israel condemned as a fascist development. It should also be mentioned that the Day of the Defender of the Nation, celebrated in the former Soviet countries and dedicated to the victorious troops in World War II, was postponed to October 14 by the Poroshenkov government - predecessor of the current president - to the day of the founding of the Insurgent Army (UAA) already described. It should also be mentioned that from 1945 to 1956, after the start of the Cold War, the UAA actively carried out sabotage and attacks on regional officials and institutions in the Ukraine, Poland and Czechoslovakia on its own, supported by the Western secret services.

The attacks were also directed against the civilian population and Jews. The CIA estimated that around 35,000 people were killed between 1945 - 1951 by the UAA. These activities were co-coordinated by Stepan Bandera, who lived undisturbed in Munich until his assassination.

In addition to this new Ukrainian Bandera cult, reference should once againto the "Right Sector" and the "Svoboda" party. The storm troop of these ultra-right groups is the Azov regiment, which was set up as a battalion on the Maidan in 2014 and trained paramilitarily, also with US support. The regiment, whose strength is estimated in 2017 at 2,500 mercenaries, Ukrainians and foreign neo-Nazis, was then incorporated into the regular Ukrainian army as a Special Operations Regiment. The management structure remained untouched except for one leader. The missing leader was shot under dubious circumstances, he was opposed the incorporation and wanted to continue operating the regiment as an independent unit.

The Azov regiment has been stationed in eastern Ukraine since 2014 and is fighting against the self-declared People's Republics. Many of the violations of the agreed ceasefire after the Minsk Agreement were attributed to this Asow Regiment by the OSCE, which monitored the ceasefire. From snipers to artillery attacks, which also aimed to destroy the civilian structures in the self-declared People's Republics.

The Azov regiment has the Wolfsangel rune in its official troop insignia, a rune used by the SS in their divisional insignias - including the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich". Photos of the troops with swastikas have also been published, also by neutral sources.

Well, this is the brief explanation why Putin spoke of a necessary "denazification of Ukraine" and of "stopping acts of war against Russian-born Ukrainians". Russia is particularly sensitive to the history of the Second World War, with 20 - 27 million, depending on the source, it had the highest casualties. This should also result in a "special responsibility for Germany's foreign policy".

The suppression of these explanations in the mainstream media does not make a good impression!



NATO HAVE THE WAR - Putin didn't wait for the arrival of the F35 fighter jets! He creates facts!

02/24/2022 - 08:20

The post below was written today, February 24th, 2022 at 3:00 a.m., the MSN message linked to it is from February 23rd, 2022 - 9:26pm - Putin announced the attack at 3:15 a.m. on February 24th, 2022 - note the Order - Putin reacted before the bombers are in Ukranine!


02/24/2022 - 3:15

The US sends 8 F-35 stealth multi-role fighter jets to UKRAINE after a brief stopover at Spangdahlem Air Base in the German Eifel, with full media attention! So much for the reluctance and non-military response of the EU and NATO countries expressed Siterday by politicians from all NATO and EU countries, since Ukraine is not a NATO country. Probably now? Now the question is clearly answered who is lying and lighting the fire in Europe.

Greetings from Kosovo!!



The next level of escalation

Putin's recognition of the two separatist republics actually only ensures the status quo - Russia has not gone that far with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, or Transnistria. This does not represent a change in the current positions. After Ukraine, in contrast to the Minsk agreements, did not want to agree on a peaceful way out with the separatist leaders. Hardly mentioned in the West – Ukraine passed the Presidential Decree 117 on the 24th of March 2021 that stipulated the military reconquest of the breakaway territories. All the site has English translation - this page no! Google Translator helps! Zelensky: "Our soldiers will soon be making sefies in Donetsk" - a clear threat of war.

The Western perversion of justice in the Kosovo case is taking revenge, albeit late. – According to the Western logic of the time, air raids on Ukraine would then have to follow – like Serbia did back then. I hope Putin doesn't go that far after all. So: Anyone who recognizes Kosovo as independent must also do the same with Donetsk, Lugansk, Crimea, but also with the other split-off separatist states.

In portraying Russia in our mainstream media, I wouldn't be surprised if the next two low air pressure areas were named Putin and Medvedev and the high pressure areas Biden, Scholz and...


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