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We always strive to update the here presented data - in the tables and maps. It is not easy to keep in mind all 294 countries, former colonies, foreign territories, and self-declared independent states.

At present, we are checking and updating about 20 countries per month, which is a lot of work. On the one hand, the population data must be updated, in other cases are changes in the administrative structure, also for states and areas which are not well represented in the search engines. An example here is Abkhazia, where it is almost impossible to get local data. Also letters and e-mails in this case doesn't have had positive results.

But even for independent states it is not always easy to get relevant data. The population data for Eritrea is over 10 years old - the only so far outdated in our collection. No more recent data from reliable sources we known.

Specially we need actual data of the folowing countries and territories:

  • Algeria
  • Democratic Federation of Northern Syria - Rojava
  • Liberia
  • North Korea
  • Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Mapas - AnnoAt the moment, we have different dates of the presented population data, which are mainly given by the data of the statistic services of each country, which reflect the population figures in the structure of the country. The chart on the left  illustrates the age of these statistical population data.

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Our request: If you have more recent data -
please inform us. This also applies to changes in the administrative structure.


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