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Elaboration of geographic maps and plans

Plans are visual presentations of technical o geographical contents in schematic manner, giving so the user an easy entrance to the technical or geographic problem – mapping it. This is starting with simple technical schemas, like the map of the Kabul city network, shown below, giving a local and simplified impression about the load flow, showing the corresponding electrical stations. The simplification makes more easy to understand the problem. Other example is the flood regulation system, demonstrating the installations over the real map of the region where the system is planned to implement.


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The value of maps like these is the easy manner to visualize the contents and to generate a better understanding of the technical background. Maps like these are, especially if they are printed on larger formats, a long time presentation of the project or the executing institution, or like in the shown geographical project map of the unit which has generated the map. One of my USAid colleagues has written me last year that our maps are still on representative places used, and this after more than 8 years …

Especially in a media society like ours is the animated virtual reality for huger projects normal, but the most important decisions are still taken on report base, and there these maps can make the difference – giving a visual impression …

Please contact us for prices and conditions for the elaboration of plans and maps like these.


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