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Map Antarctica - Population density

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In the Antarctic Treaty System - initially started in 1960 - are now 53 member states integrated, but only 29 of them are full members with the right to participate in decision-making. Seven of the founder states have defined their territorial claims, and USA and Russia has reserved the right to pronounce claims. The claimed areas are not internationally recognized.

The following claims are registered:

Territory Claimed by Area
Population Limits
Adlie Land France 432 000 33 - 80 1422′E-13611′E
Argentine Antarctica Argentina 1 461 597 469 25W-74W
Australian Antarctic Territory Australia 5 896 500 <1 000 160E-1422′E
British Antarctic Territory United Kingdom 1 709 400 250 20W-80W
Chilean Antarctic Territory Chile 1 250 258 115 53W- 90W
Marie Byrd Land Not claimed 1 610 000 n.d. 90W-150W
Peter I Island Norway 154 0 6850′S-9035′W
Queen Maud Land Norway 2 700 000 n.d. 4438E-20W
Ross Dependency New Zealand 450 000 1 400 150W-160E
Super-imposed area Argentina, United Kingdom     25W-53W
Super-imposed area Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom     53W-74W
Super-imposed area Chile, United Kingdom     74W-90W
Total   15 509 909    

         The area includes shelf-ice areas.


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