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International Cocoa Organization

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The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) is a global organization, composed of both cocoa producing and cocoa consuming countries with a membership. Located in London, ICCO was established in 1973 to put into effect the first International Cocoa Agreement which was negotiated in Geneva at a United Nations International Cocoa Conference. There have since been seven Agreements. The Seventh International Cocoa Agreement was negotiated in Geneva in 2010 and came into force provisionally on 1 October 2012.

On 2 November 2005, the total percentage of exporting countries which had acceded to the Agreement surpassed 80%. Thus, the International Cocoa Agreement, 2001 entered into force definitively for the first time in the 30-year history of the International Cocoa Agreements. ICCO Member countries represent almost 85% of world cocoa production and more than 60% of world cocoa consumption. All Members are represented in the International Cocoa Council, the highest governing body of the ICCO.

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Members, Observers and other participations

Full members Observers Special members
Brazil Austria  
Cameroon Belgium  
Congo - Kinshasa Bulgaria  
Costa Rica Croatia  
Dominican Republic Cyprus  
Ecuador Czech Republic  
Gabon Denmark  
Ghana Estonia  
Guinea Finland  
Indonesia France  
Ivory Coast Germany  
Liberia Greece  
Madagascar Hungary  
Malaysia Ireland  
Nicaragua Italy  
Nigeria Latvia  
Papua New Guinea Lithuania  
Peru Luxembourg  
Sierra Leone Malta  
Togo Netherlands  
Trinidad & Tobago Poland  
Venezuela Portugal  




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