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New and old states 1990 - 2017

The following table gives an overview on the decay and the establishment or union of states in the time mentioned.


Country Activity Date
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen Dissolution21.05.1990
Yemen Unification22.05.1990
German Democratic Republic Dissolution02.10.1990
German Federal Republic Unification03.10.1990
Georgia Independence09.06.1991
Croatia Independence25.06.1991
Slovenia Independence25.06.1991
Latvia Independence21.08.1991
Russian Federation Independence24.08.1991
Belarus Independence25.08.1991
Moldova Independence27.08.1991
Ukraine Independence27.08.1991
Azerbaijan Independence30.08.1991
Kyrgyzstan Independence31.08.1991
Uzbekistan Independence01.09.1991
Macedonia Independence08.09.1991
Tajikistan Independence09.09.1991
Estonia Independence17.09.1991
Lithuania Independence17.09.1991
Armenia Independence21.09.1991
Turkmenistan Independence27.10.1991
Kazakhstan Independence16.12.1991
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics  Dissolution05.01.1992
Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence11.04.1992
CzechoslovakiaDissolution 01.01.1993
Czech Republic Independence01.01.1993
Slovakia Independence01.01.1993
Eritrea Independence24.05.1993
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Renaming04.02.2003
Serbia‐MontenegroCreation 04.02.2003
Serbia‐MontenegroDissolution 03.06.2006
Montenegro Independence03.06.2006
Serbia Independence03.06.2006
Kosovo Independence17.02.2008
South Sudan Independence09.07.2011



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