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Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands

Capital CurrencyGovernment system
None Keine Einparteiensystem
Official languageRegion Population
None Far East Estimation 2021 - 0

Country map - Administrative structure - Population density of Senkaku Islands

Map Senkaku Islands - Administrative division - Population density

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Statistical data - Population density according to the administrative structure

The islands are registered as uninhabited for 2021.

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Name of the islands in Area
Japón Taiwan China
Total     6,100
Last update: 30.03.2022 - 23:29:02
Kitakojima Beixiao  Beixiao Dao 0,327 25°43'47"N 123°32'29"E
Kuba-shima Huángwei Yu Huángwei Yu 0,909 25°55'26"N 123°40'55"E
Minamikojima Nanxiao Nanxiao Dao 0,459 25°43'25"N 123°33'00"E
Okinokitaiwa Chongbeiyan Bei Yu  0,018 25°46'45"N 123°32'30"E
Okinominamiiwa Chongnanyan Nan Yu  0,005 25°45'19"N 123°34'01"E
Taisho-to Chìwei Yu Chìwei Yu 0,061 25°55'20"N 124°33'28"E
Tobise Island Feilai Fei Yu 0,001 25°44'08"N 123°30'22"E
Uotsuri-shima Diàoyútái Diàoyú Dao 4,320 25°44'39"N 123°28'21"E


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