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Republic of the Marshall Islands

Capital CurrencyGovernment system
Majuro US-Dollar (USD) Dependent from USA
Official languageRegion Population
Australia & Oceania Census 2021
34 431

Country map - Administrative structure - Population density of Marshall Islands

Map Marshall Islands - Administrative division - Population density 2021

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Statistical data - Population density according to the administrative structure

The population data of the table below is census data from 2021, last available data.

Click on the column header brings the table in order of the column header.
The default order is the island/atoll name.

Island/Atoll ISO
Type Chain Capital Area
Population Density
Total         4 949 34 431 6,96
Last update: 11.06.2022 - 19:19:32
Ailinglaplap AIL Atoll Ralik Ailinglaplap 1 469 1 179 0,80
Ailuk ALK Atoll Ratak Ailuk 536 235 0,44
Arno ARN Atoll Ratak Arno 1 295 1 144 0,88
Aur AUR Atoll Ratak Aur 562 317 0,56
Bikini BIK Atoll Ralik Bikini 601 0,00
Ebon EBO Atoll Ralik Ebon 575 470 0,82
Enewetak ENE Atoll Ralik Enewetak 585 296 0,51
Jabat JAB Island Ralik Jabat 57 75 1,32
Jaluit JAL Atoll Ralik Jaluit 1 134 1 423 1,25
Kili KIL Island Ralik Kili 93 416 4,47
Kwajalein KWA Atoll Ralik Kwajalein 1 639 9 945 6,07
Lae LAE Atoll Ralik Lae 145 91 0,63
Lib LIB Island Ralik Lib 93 119 1,28
Likiep LIK Atoll Ratak Likiep 1 026 234 0,23
Majuro MAJ Atoll Ratak Majuro 971 23 225 23,92
Maloelap MAL Atoll Ratak Maloelap 982 401 0,41
Mejit MEJ Island Ratak Mejit 186 230 1,24
Mili MIL Atoll Ratak Mili 1 593 497 0,31
Namorik (Namdrik) NAM Atoll Ralik Namorik 277 300 1,08
Namu NMU Atoll Ralik Namu 627 526 0,84
Rongelap RON Atoll Ralik Rongelap 795 0 0,00
Ujae UJA Atoll Ralik Ujae 186 310 1,67
Utrik (Utirik) UTR Atoll Ratak Utrik 243 264 1,09
Wotho WOT Atoll Ralik Wotho 433 89 0,21
Wotje WTJ Atoll Ratak Wotje 818 802 0,98
_ Other atolls 1 220 0 0,00


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