GIS consulting

GIS - system is a geographic information system, used for the collection of geographic information with the objective to map the information with special software and in huger format using plotter. The required equipment for such systems is very specialized and usually only installed in special enterprises.

The usual standard is defined more or less by the enterprise ESRI - mostly based in the series of products ARC Info requiring higher technological equipment in graphics and data processing. Main problem for such a system is the data base, and the main-tenance given to the same. Usually with the data structure is defined the performance of the system, using as input the special thematic focus of the data as parameter for the optimization. Frequently are used the standard data structure of the ESRI software, degrading so the performance of the system. Exactly this issues and the graphic conversion is the main problem of GIS consultations.

Other problem is the configuration of the ESRI software modules, which are on one hand very expansive in price, on other hand very specific in the requests of training. As one possible and frequently used modification in the modules configuration is used AutoCad instead of ARC-CAD, using so the lower price of AutoCad and the fact that the training for AutoCad is more accessible and common. Using the import functions of ARC Info it`s also a fully valid solution, solving the problem of training.

Similar is the situation with other GIS products, like mapinfo, etc.

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